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Johanna Historic Lock Route

Historic Lock Cruise
Besides the well known larger art cities such as Ghent, there are some very interesting gems to discover in this small country. Oudenaarde was the centre of wall tapestry in the 16th century. It's flamboyant city hall with belfry tower is unesco world heritage. Before 486, Doornik/Tournai was the capital of the Frankish empire. After this, the bishopric of Tournai was created, extending over most of the area west of the Scheldt. In 862, it became the capital of the County of Flanders. We moore close to the "Pont des trous" built in 1290 as a defensive tower over the river Scheldt.

At Blaton, we are moored at the confluence of the canal Blaton-Ath. This picturesque canal of only 21km counts 21 manualy operated locks. It is easy cycling along the canal to Ath, or you can stop half way and visit the castle of Beloeil with it's beautiful gardens.

On the Canal du Centre, at Strepy, 4 historic ship elevators were replaced with one new cable-elevator to cover a height difference of 73m. At Ronquières, another system with 2 large watertanks on rails moves the ships 67m up or down. The huge lock of Ittre brings us down another 13.3m descending to Brussels.

Friday: Bruges, welcome on board

Saturday: Bruges - Ghent
Take a glance of the historic art city

Sunday: Ghent - Oudenaarde
Belfry and City Hall are Unesco World heritage sites.

Monday: Oudenaarde - Doornik (Tournai)
Picturesque historic city

Tuesday: Doornik - Blaton
Visit Beloeil castle along canal with 21 manualy operated locks.

Wednesday: Blaton - Strepy-Thieu
Visit new and historic ship elevators

Thursday: Strepy - Halle (near Brussels)
going down the inclined plane of Ronquières.

Friday: Halle, farewell after breakfast.