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Johanna Art Cities Cruise

The Art Cities Cruise - Discover Belgium's Finest Art and Architecture

Apart from a great variety in tasty food and drinks, Belgium also has a rich history when it comes to art. Home to some of the greatest old masters, Belgium inspired many of them to create art pieces that to this very day have continued to amaze spectators.
Aboard the canal barge Johanna, you will be sailing from Bruges to Leuven, stopping at various museums and monuments that will astound you.
Bruges, Ghent, Dendermonde, Mechelen and Leuven all have cultural backgrounds and a history that dates back as far as the Middle Ages. Belfry towers, a college that was founded in 1425, cathedrals, paintings, to those who really love great art, Belgium will seem like heaven on earth. Did you know that some of these sites have made their way to the UNESCO world heritage list? Step aboard this beautifully restored canal barge and you will soon discover this is not without reason.
The Art Cities canal barge route combines art and leisure flawlessly
Of course the art works aren't the only things to see in these finest of cities. That is why on the Art Cities canal barge route, you will find there is also ample time to just stroll around the city-centers and let yourself be immersed in the historic atmosphere emanating from the well-preserved houses and buildings, that originate in the Middle Ages.
Friday: Bruges, welcome on board

Saturday: Bruges - Ghent

Sunday: Ghent. Day visit
Dinner at local restaurant
Monday: Ghent - Dendermonde

Tuesday: Dendermonde - Mechelen

Wednesday: Mechelen. Day visit (Plankendael, Technopolis)
Dinner at local restaurant
Thursday: Mechelen - Leuven

Friday: Leuven, farewell after breakfast