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Johanna Flanders Fields


Flanders Fields Cruise
Enjoy the playing of "the Last Post" in Ypres
Admire the Yser Tower, a symbol that was destroyed in 1946, only to be transformed into the Peace Gate, and replaced with an even higher Tower. The slogan "No more war", that was implemented in 4 different languages, has elevated the symbolic and historic meaning of this monument to a level that is unequalled to this very day. Take a walk through the famous trenches of death.

Visit the locks of Newport (Belgium) that were a turning point in the way the first World War was fought. After all, it was the flooding of the Yser that stopped the German advance in Belgium and France, making it a war that was fought from the trenches.

Friday: Bruges, welcome on board

Saturday: Bruges - Nieuwpoort
Visit the locks, Albert I monument

Sunday: Nieuwpoort - Diksmuide
Visit Ysertower and Trenches of Death
Option: helicopter flight above the war area

Monday: Diksmuide - Ypres
Last Post at 20h
Dinner at local restaurant

Tuesday: Ypres, Day visit
Biking trough the war region or optional minibus battlefield-tour

Wednesday: Ypres - Veurne

Thursday: Veurne, day visit
Visit the small town, the Belgian coast or the countryside of Lo and West Vleteren.
Dinner at local restaurant

Friday: Veurne, farewell after breakfast
Optional Full escorted tour with local guides