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Johanna Chocolate and Beer Cruise


Chocolate & Beer Cruise
If you ask someone what Belgium is famous for, you will most likely get chocolate or beer for an answer. Hardly surprising when you consider the delicious flavors and high quality products that this country produces. With the KR-Line chocolate and beer canal barge route, we will take you from one tasty sensation to another, introducing you to the finest of treats.
Taste the most renowned of all the Belgian Beers, the Westvleteren, which can only be found at a small local tavern near the abbey where it is brewed. But of course, the delightful sensations don't stop there. You can also visit the Hop museum in Poperinge and the biscuit factory of Jules Destrooper. You will be able to savor a delightful cold Trappist beer in the Newport (B) harbor, accompanied by the most delicious and fresh shrimps you have ever tasted.
For those who have a sweet tooth, the Chocolat-Line, located in Bruges, will open up a whole new world of chocolate. You have to admit that a chocolate snuff or chocolates with a sea-fruit taste are not something you will easily find at a local market near you.
Friday: Veurne, welcome on board
Option 1: Visit Veurnse babelutten
Option 2: visit the Cho-Ka-Tee shop for delicious chocolate, coffee and tea
Saturday: Veurne - Ypres
Stop at the malt and brewery museum and tasting Snoek beer in Alveringem
Passing Lo with the Jules Destrooper biscuit factory
Sunday: Ypres, day visit
Option 1: Cycle to Poperinge to visit the Hop museum and taste the world's best beer at Westvleteren abbey.
Option 2: guided minibus tour
Dinner at local restaurant
Monday: Ypres - Diksmuide
Option 1: Visit Van Nevel's chocolate factory and taste Papegaai beer at Brewery Verstraete
Option 2: Yser tower and Trenches, monuments from World War I
Option 3: Helicopter flight over the area, only when booked in advance
Tuesday: Diksmuide - Nieuwpoort
Visit the pier and taste a beer with fresh gray shrimps on a terras at the sea
Wednesday: Nieuwpoort - Bruges
Option 1: Try the evening hors carriage ride trough the old city center
Taste the beer and atmosphere in some of the famous bars in town
Thursday: Brugge, full day to visit the city
Feel free to visit one of the 50+ chocolate shops, with the most famous one "The Chocolate Line" of Dominiek Persoone.
Dinner at local restaurant
Friday: Brugge, farewell after breakfast
Every Day: Breakfast, lunch and dinner with fresh local ingredients. Feel free to look or assist with the cooking. Dinner is based on local cuisine with a special touch of the chef!