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Twitter Cruise Chat

Twitter Cruise Chat:

Q1: Have you ever heard of barging before? What comes to mind? #cruisechat

CruizeCast #CruiseChat A1 Have heard of barging, but am not sure of the differences from ferries.

VikingRiver A1 barge= to intrude? #cruisechat

CruiseBuzz @CruizeCast I think we are all in the same boat - sorry. #CruiseChat

CareVacations A1: Heard of #barging, but don't know much... anything... about it! TEACH ME! ;-D #cruisechat

BargeConnection A1:Big difference from ferries. Ferries are for transport and barging is a vacation #cruisechat

Only398 A1 Barging sounds like fun...depends on the destination and how many cool people are onboard! =) #CruiseChat

shipsandtrips A1: I have booked barges for clients a handful of times. The ones I've done have all been in France - very high end! #cruisechat

CruiseBuzz @BargeConnection Your company has been in business a long time. What motivated you to start a barge company? #CruiseChat

BargeConnection @Only398 A1: You can choose the cool people you'd like to barge with :) #cruisechat

SimonTravels A1: Heard of it, but not terribly familiar with it. #CruiseChat

LuxTravelAndrea A1. I've heard of barging, but I don't picture anything attractive. <sorry> #cruisechat

shipsandtrips A1: because they tend to be smaller vessels, it's great for families or groups of friends. Usually 6 to 12 rooms, right? #cruisechat

BargeConnection @CruiseBuzz What motivated us is PASSION for barging! True love of this vacation style :) #cruisechat

CruisesForLess A1: Is there a roof on the barge or are you exposed to the elements? #CruiseChat

BargeConnection A1: There are fully crewed hotel barges for full pampering or driver your own (similar to houseboats). #cruisechat

CruiseGiant A1: Never heard of it. Want to learn more! #CruiseChat

shipsandtrips  A1: The ones I've done were all pre-planned itineraries with staff, but I think there are some self-skippered options, too. #cruisechat

VacationManager A1: It's a unique #cruise vacation option to avoid the "been there, done that blues" #CruiseChat

LuxTravelAndrea @CruiseBuzz Oh the barge - the destinations are wonderful, in my mind! #cruisechat

travelinjones A1: ever heard of barging ? What comes to mind? #cruisechat - scenic waterways of Burgandy; no, haven't experienced a barge trip


Q2: If you could ask any question about barging, what would you ask? #cruisechat

Only398 A2 Where do we start? What's the best way? What's a popular itinerary? #CruiseChat

BargeConnection A2: Yes, normally 6 to 12 is normal size. The larges barge is 22. #cruisechat

shipsandtrips A2: Where do I find the most contemporary, upscale barge accommodations? What river or country? #cruisechat

VikingRiver A2 What's the best way to barge? #cruisechat

CruizeCast #CruiseChat A2 What is included in the price? Is it cheaper or more expensive from cruising?

CareVacations A2: What is the BEST/most unique aspect to #barging that your "standard" #cruise doesn't offer? #cruisechat

BargeConnection @Only398 A2: France has many barge cruise options from Gourmet to Biking barges #cruisechat

LuxTravelAndrea A2. What are the cabins like? Is there a pool? #cruisechat

jkheaton @BargeConnection A houseboat does come to mind! A2 Where do they cruise? #cruisechat

HolaFernando A2: What is the most popular itinerary? #cruisechat @BargeConnection

BargeConnection @CruizeCast A2: All inclusive -- easier to list what's NOT included rather than what is - not enough tweet chars! ;) #cruisechat

VacationManager A2: How does Barge Cruising differ from River Cruising (ala @VikingRiver)? Just the size of the ship? #CruiseChat

shipsandtrips A2: my clients who have done barges have been upscale, well traveled, interested in wine/culinary/history/art. #cruisechat

BargeConnection @HolaFernando A2: Gourmet barge cruises; Chocolate & Wine ones are faves, too! :) #cruisechat

SimonTravels A2: Is barge cruising limited to Europe, or are options available elsewhere? #CruiseChat

BargeConnection A2: Yes, the self-drive barges you Captain yourself. It's great fun and no license required #cruisechat

BargeConnection A2: Most upscale barges cruise the small canals of France. --You visit villages instead of the big cities. #cruisechat

BargeConnection @SimonTravels A2: Most popular and more barges in Europe and especially France. #cruisechat

CruisesForLess A2: Is there a galley onboard or are meals prepared ashore? #CruiseChat

BargeConnection A2: Some of the more popular itineraries are in the Burgundy region and in Southern France on the Canal du Midi. #cruisechat

CruiseCoaches A2: Can you rent out of the barge for your own group?customize the shipboard life a bit? For a wedding or special event perhaps? #cruisechat

CruiseGiant A2: I want to go! Where do I sign up? #LOL #CruiseChat

BargeConnection @FreshCruiser A2: Yes, many families and groups of friends book together so they enjoy the adventure #cruisechat

BargeConnection A2: Self-Drive Barges are very fun. The come equipped with full kitchen and all bedding. You are the Captain and crew. #cruisechat

SpeclNeedsAtSea #cruisechat @bargeconnection A2: how long is a typical barge vacation?

Only398 @BargeConnection - are river cruises and barges similar? What are the differences? #CruiseChat

CruisesForLess How are the barges powered now? Still towed? #CruiseChat

BargeConnection @CruisesForLess A2: No all the barges have engines now. #cruisechat

CruiseBuzz @BargeConnection What does a repeat barge client look for after their couple of barge trips? #cruisechat

BargeConnection A2: Average barge cruise time: Hotel barge is 6 nights and self drive is full week (7nights) #cruisechat

CruiseBuzz @BargeConnection What is the minimum age for a barge cruise? This would be a good option for families? Right? #cruisechat

BargeConnection @CruiseBuzz We have many repeat clients. One group has cruised for with us for the last five years. #cruisechat

BargeConnection @CruiseBuzz You can charter a barge for just your family and then there is no age limit on a hotel barge. #cruisechat

shipsandtrips @BargeConnection is there a minimum age for self-skippered or full charter? #cruisechat

BargeConnection @shipsandtrips You can charter a barge for just your family and then there is no age limit on a hotel barge. #cruisechat

BargeConnection @shipsandtrips We have family itineraries that include excursions for kids and adults. #cruisechat

SpeclNeedsAtSea @bargeconnection who is your typical barge client? honeymooner? older? family? #cruisechat

BargeConnection @SpeclNeedsAtSea It's a MIX - Retired, Families, Friends and yes some honeymooners. #cruisechat


TravelinWheels I always wanted to barge cruise. How wheelchair accessible are they? #cruisechat

travelinjones How big, well-equipped are the kitchens? @BargeConnection #CruiseChat


Q3: Hotel Barging is when your hotel floats with you. What rivers do you float on? Why? #cruisechat

LuxTravelAndrea Yes, I think one of my dream trips is on a barge cruise in France! #cruisechat

Only398 A3 What rivers do barges float on @BargeConnection? #CruiseChat

CareVacations @BargeConnection I love the idea of visiting the villages! This is sounding better and better! #cruisechat

shipsandtrips I think you can pickup your self-skippered barge right in Paris and sail the Seine - is that right @BargeConnection ? #cruisechat

CruizeCast #CruiseChat A3 I'd love to go on the Danube.

SimonTravels A3: The great rivers of Europe, right? Seine, Danube, etc #CruiseChat

CruisesForLess A3: Most of Europe, I suspect #CruiseChat

CruiseBuzz @bargeconnection Do you see more Europeans on the barges or North Americans? #CruiseChat

VacationManager A3: Any barge cruise options in the US? #CruiseChat

BargeConnection @CruisesForLess A3: Very true w/France having the most barges #cruisechat

BargeConnection A3: They are easy to navigate. They only cruise 5 miles per hour. #cruisechat

BargeConnection A3: If you charter a hotel barge the itinerary can be completely catered to your group #cruisechat

BargeConnection A3: The cuisine on the hotel barges is magnificent. Gourmet chef onboard using only the freshest local ingredients. #cruisechat

CareVacations A3: How many days is the average barge #cruise? #cruisechat

BargeConnection @CareVacations A3: Hotel barge is 6 nights and self drive is full week (7nights) #cruisechat


Q4. Self Barging is when you and your group are captain and crew. Who would you take with you and why? #cruisechat

Only398 Can we speed? RT @CruiseBuzz: @BargeConnection What type of requirements do you have for those that want to self-drive a barge? #CruiseChat

BargeConnection  A4: Yes, great food, great chocolate and of course fine wines. #cruisechat

SimonTravels A4: A fully qualified barge pilot, as you would NOT want me driving one of those #WouldNotEndWell #CruiseChat

BargeConnection A4: All the hotel barges have bikes onboard for you to use. There R towpaths along the canal, so it's gr8 for biking or walking. #cruisechat

CruizeCast #CruiseChat A4 I would take my husband, but this would be a good chance for a large meet of some sort.

BargeConnection @SimonTravels A4: The fun this is YOU CHOOSE ...pretty cool - go captain or have a captain - you're in charge :) #cruisechat

LuxTravelAndrea A4. @cruisebuzz of course, along with @AndiPerullo. Why - it would be awesome to cruise with both of you! #cruisechat

BargeConnection A4: No license rqd. Boats only go 5 miles/ hour. They give you a lesson upon arrival. In other words there are no requirements. #cruisechat

VacationManager A4: A local expert or two to share history and knowledge of the river and local areas #CruiseChat

CruiseGiant A4: I'd bring the whole #CruiseChat crew! Who wants to go? #CruiseChat

BargeConnection A4: The only two places you might want some experience is Italy, due to all the waterway traffic and Germany. #cruisechat

BargeConnection A4: Germany is the only location they request a Captain's license for the self drive barges. #cruisechat

shipsandtrips I think having a self skippered barge would be like renting a condo or apt - I'm not into cooking/cleaning on vacay #cruisechat

BargeConnection A4: If you don't want to drive yourself then a hotel barge is more your speed.. #cruisechat

BargeConnection A4: A hotel barge comes with Captain, Gourmet Chef, Stewardess and Guide/Driver. #cruisechat

BargeConnection A4: Not possible to speed. You meanderer along the canals and hop off to explore or cruise at your leisure. #cruisechat

BargeConnection A4: Average barge cruise time: Hotel barge is 6 nights and self drive is full week (7nights) #cruisechat

CareVacations A4: I don't care if it's a barge pilot, but I want someone ELSE to navigate the barge! #cruisechat

CruiseBuzz Here is the link to the popular places that @BargeConnection cruises http://bit.ly/oA5pP2 #cruisechat

BargeConnection @CareVacations a4: And, you can - that's the beauty - you can choose a hotel barge if that's what you like ;) #cruisechat

CruiseBuzz @BargeConnection Dazzle me with the best advice you would give a first-time barger? #cruisechat

BargeConnection @CruiseBuzz For Hotel Barges - I would suggest doing all your running around and exploring the bigger cities 1st #cruisechat

BargeConnection @CruiseBuzz then go aboard a hotel barge unpack and unwind. Once on a hotel barge you don't have to think about a thing. #cruisechat

PortholeCruise Anyone remember River Explorer (RiverBarge Excursions). I barged on the Mississippi before it went out of business. So relaxing. #cruisechat

BargeConnection @CruiseBuzz On a self drive there is no age limit. #cruisechat


Q5: What country do you think has the largest selection of barges and why? #cruisechat

CruiseBuzz It looks like France is a big barge country, no? Where else? #cruisechat

CruizeCast #CruiseChat A5 I would assume Germany. @BargeConnection

CruisesForLess A5: France, I've heard, but I don't know why... #CruiseChat

shipsandtrips A5: I'm guessing that the most barges are either fRANCE OR NETHERLANDS? #cruisechat

CruiseGiant A5: Germany seems likely, or Holland. #CruiseChat

SimonTravels A5: No idea. Going to guess Germany or France. #CruiseChat

HolaFernando A5: I'd say France, the Netherlands or Germany #cruisechat

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travelinjones Guessing The Netherlands -- all those canals? A5: What country has the largest selection of barges and why? #cruisechat

shipsandtrips Seems like Amsterdam would be great spot to be docked for a few days... #cruisechat

BargeConnection A5: France has the largest selection, because of their great canal system. #cruisechat

BargeConnection A5: They canals were used to transport goods to the local villages #cruisechat

BargeConnection A5: The towpaths along the canals were created by the horses that would pull the barges along #cruisechat

CruiseCoaches @CruiseBuzz A5: I would have to guess France! There are so many different small villages along the rivers in wine country.#cruisechat

HALcruises Q5: Our guess would be France, lots of rivers and canals there! #CruiseChat

CruiseBuzz @HALcruises France is the leader based on what I have learned so far today. #cruisechat

CareVacations A5: Maybe Italy? Because of all the waterways? #cruisechat

BargeConnection A5: France is the correct answer. We also have barges in England, Ireland,Scotland, Italy, Germany, Holland and Belgium. #cruisechat

VacationManager A5: How to choose? Avignon. Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux... could spend weeks exploring #CruiseChat


Q6. France has the largest selection of barges. What historic areas of France would are on your bucket list? #cruisechat

SimonTravels A6: Paris. And more Paris. #CruiseChat

CruizeCast #CruiseChat A6 Ummm most of it? Seriously, Loire, Provence, Normandy.. I want to see it all! @CruiseBuzz

BargeConnection A6: There is barging in Burgundy, Champagne, Alsace, Loire, Provence, Bordeaux and Canal du Midi #cruisechat

CareVacations A6: I have always wanted to visit #Provence... so romantic! #cruisechat

HolaFernando In France, it'd be interesting to go from the Atlantic to the Med in a barge... #cruisechat

LiverpoolCruise #cruisechat Are there any UK hotel barges?

CruisesForLess A6: So many options: Bordeaux and Touluse would top the list. Also Paris. #CruiseChat

travelinjones A6. the locations that David Elliot Cohen describes in Burgundy in "One Year Off' #cruisechat

CruiseGiant A6: Would stick to the Seine up north, Le Havre and Paris for the most part. #CruiseChat

HolaFernando Barge crossing France from Atlantic to Med, added to bucket list! :-) RT @CareVacations: That does sound fun! RT @HolaFernando #cruisechat

travelinjones @BargeConnection: Is there a difference between a "barge" and a "houseboat" in France? #cruiseChat

HALcruises Q6: Paris, Bordeaux, Normandy... our HAL ships love them all! #CruiseChat

CruiseBuzz @HALcruises When you think of European destination gems, what are your guests favorite cruising grounds? #cruisechat


Q7: Gourmet barge cruising is popular. Shop with the chef and watch them prep. Name a top chef you would like to barge with. #cruisechat

VacationManager A7: Jacques Pepin, for some real French specialties on the rivers of France #CruiseChat

CareVacations A7: Watching the chef is more my style... I would love Anthony Bourdain to cook for me! #cruisechat

SimonTravels A7: Emeril. #BAM! #CruiseChat

CruizeCast #CruiseChat A7 Gordon Ramsey. I just love him. Or Fabio Vivani. Or Bobby Flay. I could go on...

DiscCruisesUSA A7 @MVoltaggio! RT @CruiseBuzz Gourmet barge cruising is popular. Name a top chef you would like to barge with. #cruisechat

TravelinWheels @CareVacations Anthony Bourdain! Yes! Just watched his show on Sicily. Love him #cruisechat

BargeConnection A7: We have cooking cruises as well. Some of our hotel barges have demonstration kitchens just for teaching. #cruisechat

CruiseGiant A7: Guy Fieri. 'Cause he's entertaining! #CruiseChat

CruisesForLess A7: Kat Cora. 'Nuff Said! #CruiseChat!

HolaFernando A7: Lidia Bastianich in Italy! #cruisechat Have you watched her show on PBS?

shipsandtrips A7: I'd choose #Sacramento's own @michaeltuohy or the chef from @ellasac to barge with. They are amazing cooks! #cruisechat

CruiseBuzz A8. Foodie alert: I think I would cruise with Jacques , Rocco, or Anthony. #cruisechat

LuxTravelAndrea A8. Thomas Keller, Jose Andres, Bourdain of course. That would be an awesome barge trip! #cruisechat

shipsandtrips A7: Because I'm a #Sacramento girl, I'd look to my local fave chefs first! Maybe @devereschef would want to do #Ireland! #cruisechat


Q9: Which are you? Chocolate & Wine; Spring Tulips in Holland; adventure cruise. #CruiseChat

shipsandtrips A9. Do I even need to answer this? #cruisechat

CareVacations A9: Not a chocolate fan, but I'll take the wine and tulips! #cruisechat

CruiseBuzz A9. Wine. No contest. #cruisechat

SimonTravels A9: Spring Tulips in Holland. #CruiseChat

VacationManager A9: Chocolate & Wine #CruiseChat

BargeConnection A9: Fave Barge Cruise Themes: Chocolate & Wine; Spring Tulips in Holland; adventure cruise. #cruisechat

shipsandtrips A9: Clearly, wine and chocolate would be my preference. I thought you people knew this about me by now... #cruisechat

CruiseGiant A9: Adventure #Cruise #CruiseChat

VikingRiver A9 Choc + wine! #cruisechat

BargeConnection Mine, too - w/ a strong competition from Chocolate! RT @CruiseBuzz: A9. Wine. No contest. #cruisechat

CruisesForLess A9: Um, all of the above! Did you really have to ask? #CruiseChat

BargeConnection A9: The Wine and Chocolate Cruise in Burgundy is simply a delicious vacation. #cruisechat

LuxTravelAndrea A9. I love all of those, but I'm the first to admit I'm addicted to cruising! #cruisechat

girlgreener@BargeConnection: A9: The Wine and Chocolate Cruise in Burgundy is simply a delicious vacation. #cruisechat” Sign me up!

CruiseCoaches A9: How about different adventures in the day, always with wine nights! #cruisechat

HALcruises A9. We would have to say "All of the Above" #CruiseChat

BargeConnection Springtime cruising in Holland Book early for next year, especially with the Olympics in London for 2012. #cruisechat