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Shannon_RiverThe beautiful country of Ireland has much to offer any of its many travelers.  Historically the River Shannon was a main highway used by the Vikings in their many attempts of conquest and plunder.  Barge cruisers should expect a more hospitable welcome from the Irish then the Vikings received.  Since the Shannon River divides Ireland from north to south adventurers have the pleasure of seeing a great deal of the Irish landscape.

The beauty of Ireland and the epic history that make up the fierce struggle of a determined people to be free is a jaw-dropping experience when viewed from the waterways of this island nation.  Historically the waterways were used as the fastest way for military operations to reach their destination. 

Barge trips along these majestic rivers give travelers a real sense of how the history of Ireland played out.  The stunning geography and the brilliant rolling hills that separate shire from city present an imposing and breathtaking vista that can be appreciated from the waterways.

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