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Bordeaux_Region_FranceBordeaux is located in the Aquitaine region of France, located approximately 300 miles to the southwest of Paris, is steeped in a rich history dating to prehistoric times. The impressive cave paintings at Lascaux and other caverns provide evidence of ancient Cro-Magnon habitation of the area. From Celts to Romans to its golden age during the 18th century, Aquitaine and its capital, Bordeaux, have played an important role in the history of southwestern France.

Today, visitors to the region come to experience the fascinating historic architecture of the region, the beaches along the Atlantic, the quaint villages, and the world renowned wines produced throughout the region. The beautiful old portion of Bordeaux is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with architecture spanning from Romanesque to the many 18th century masterpieces. Not only is Bordeaux a magnificent example of 18th century city planning and architecture, it is the wine capital of the world. The mild oceanic climate creates the perfect conditions for vineyards, and wines produced in the region include some of the most sought after in the world. Just beyond the border of the city, thousands of vineyards cover nearly 300,000 acres of land.

The region of Aquitaine offers a wide variety of landscapes to traveler. Beaches along the Atlantic scattered with seaside resorts, wooded hill country, low-lying wine, fruit and vegetable producing areas, and views of the Pyrenees Mountain peaks make for stunning landscapes throughout the region. Nature lovers find plenty of activities in Aquitaine, while those seeking unique seawater spas will find rejuvenation along the coast. The Garonne River flows from the Pyrenees through Toulouse, to the east of Aquitaine, through Bordeaux and on to the Atlantic. Some of the finest river and canal cruising is found in the South of France, where waterways connect the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea. The area presents the visitors with a rare combination of glorious weather, historic sites, world-renowned wines and cuisine, a multitude of opportunities to shop, magnificent landscapes and an abundance of cultural activities.  


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