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Europe canal cruises are a great way to take in the beauty, culture, and history of Europe. A cruise offered with the Barge Connection gives you a unique opportunity to cruise down some of Europe's historic rivers, including the Rhone River, in comfort and experience the small cities and villages along the river-side.

Vineyard_in_France France is know the world over as the land of "Art de Vivre" (art of living). Famous for centuries for it's fine wines and culinary delights. Those who celebrate life have long been drawn to this beautiful, historic and gastronomically famous country.

England_-_Windsor England offers dramatic castles, stately homes and formal gardens, and medieval manor house are yours to enjoy while cruising the River Thames. A royal legacy provides the perfect setting for some of the worlds leading museums and galleries to which England is home. With its beauty and rich history, England can sooth, enthrall, revitalize and excite all at once.

Holland_Tulips Holland offers much more than its legendary windmills and fields of tulips. In the Golden Age, Holland was "Capital of the World". Its rich heritage is reflected today in the offerings of a wide array of museums, handcrafted treasures and famous artwork. Holland was the home of such painters as Rembrandt. Come cherish the traditions and varied cultural activities of this enchanting country.

Dublin_Canal Ireland The rich history of Ireland's beautiful unspoiled countryside is evident in plentiful castles, ruins and heritage sites. Whether you want to explore the glories of the past, enjoy present day cultural and artistic happenings or simply enjoy the sheer relaxation and peace of Ireland, the "Emerald Isle" offers almost limitless opportunities for everyone.

Inverness_Castle_in_Scotland Scotland The land of mountains, locks and glens. Enjoy them all as you cruise the Caledonian Canal in the Scottish Highlands. Experience first hand the vibrant culture, colorful history and warm hospitality that are Scotland.

Italy_Canals Italy Visit Italy and delight in the cuisine of this glorious country, admire beautiful structures that have miraculously withstoold the centuries, and experience the beauty that inspired so many famous artists throughout the years.

Belgium_Canals Belgium offers the traveler a unique opportunity to experience both the historic beauty of Europe and the finest in contemporary music, art and nightlife. This charming country is renowned for its beers and chocolates, but there is so much more to discover.

Germany_Cruising Germany Landscapes, enchanting castles adn cosmopolitan cities. Germany is a land where history and culture come alive.