French Barge Cruises


France travel vacations are best experienced aboard a luxury barge.  The many rivers and canals of this wondrous land make Barge vacations in France the perfect way for visitors to experience all that this country has to offer.  There are 26 regions that make up the country and each is unique and yet at the same time similar.  France is a Eiffel_Towercountry of many different types of geography and visitors will enjoy the sights of great mountains, rolling hills, deep valleys and heavily wooded forests.  It is the differences of the land that cause the regions to be similar.  An odd statement to be sure but consider the images that come to mind when one thinks of France.  Food, wine and culture are three words that can be attributed to France.  The Upper Loire region is a great place to start and visitors can meander down the river and canals to Burgundy, Champagne, Alsace, Brittany and Provence while enjoying the beautiful vistas and the bountiful offerings of gourmet cuisineLBEvezel5.

Food and wine differ from region to region but the quality and artistry of making both food and wine remain the same across all the regions.  Visitors who enjoy France river cruising will delight in a gourmet pallet of food that represents each region and wine that marvels the senses and brings joy to the soul.  Both elements take their attributes from the land and in fact the very soil in which their ingredients are grown.

Culturally the people of France are warm and inviting.  The views and vistas of the country change with each bend of the river and offer a changing scenery that steals the imagination of the god or gods that created such a paradise.  Scattered among the many geological wonders are the towns, cities and people of France.  There is much history to be discovered here and the scars and ruins of battles, war and politics are as interesting to behold as the foods and wines are to consume.  The light, weather, and wind offer a tantalizing realization that this is home.  Nowhere else in the world do the elements come together as an invitation to a peaceful and slow lifestyle that calls to the soPontduGardul and slows the heart in a euphoric vacation of food, wine and culture.

Visitors to France should expect to feel the stress of the world leave them as the elements that make up France begin to sooth the mind.  This is a land where time is spent enjoying the wonderful bounty that each region of France has to offer.  For those visitors headed into the fabled South of France then begin or end a journey in the region of Provence or Languedoc on the Mediterranean.