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When are the locks open?

Normally the locks are open from 8 AM until 7 PM with one hour for lunch. There is no charge to go through the locks in France.

There are lock closures on the some holidays such as, 1st of May, Whit Sunday, 14th of July, Easter Day and the 1st of November. Some areas do not close the locks on holidays such as, Brittany, Camargue, Charente and Lot.

Locks are generally worked by a lockkeeper. On the Lot and the Charente, locks must be operated by the boat's crew.

In Germany and Ireland are open every day and free. In Holland the locks and bridges are in full service between Early April until Mid October. They are very well maintained; at some of the locks you will be asked to pay a small toll, usually between NLG 3 to 5.