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The Alouette is a luxurious canal barge that is a true treasure to be enjoyed. With her spacious living and dining areas, along with her large cabins the Alouette makes it impossible not to relax. Her enjoyable sun deck is the perfect place for sunbathing or the prime location for observing the breath-taking Canal du Midi countryside, as she cruises along the picturesque waterways.

Cruise Type:           Charter Only        
Starting Price: $6,500


The Anjodi is of classic Dutch design, specifically rebuilt to navigate the historic Canal du Midi. She has been completely refurbished in the tasteful tradition of African hardwoods, hand-crafted paneling and shining brass, creating a comfortable and charming ambiance.

Cruise Type:           Cabin Bookings & Charter      
Starting Price: $4,950


The Athos is the largest and longest running hotel barge navigating the Canal du Midi. The crew is outstanding with an exceptional knowledge of the region. This historic setting makes for spectacular landscapes, not to mention the smooth and relaxing pace that is unrivaled from the spacious deck. Nautical décor, welcoming ambiance and fabulous chef are what makes a vacation aboard the Athos one to remember.

Cruise Type:           Cabin Bookings & Charter   
Starting Price: $4,950


Enchante, meaning "nice to meet you", provides luxurious accommodation for up to 8 guests in 4 equal en-suite twin or double suites. Amazing crew and exceptional light and airy decor. A lot of space in the cabins and all throughout the barge. 

Cruise Type:           Cabin Bookings & Charter   
Starting Price: $6.590

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Aboard the deluxe six passenger Esperance you will be delighted by the gentle tranquility of the Canal du Midi. Day trips allow you to discover the beauty of the surrounding area. Attention to detail is amazing complimented with a fantastic crew. Really a lovely barge. 

Cruise Type:           Charter Only
Options:  Full Board or Half Board
Starting Price: $4,900

Roi Soleil 1 E Payen_MG_3957-1

Roi Soleil brings the feel of luxury yachting to the world of barging. She has a classic 1920’s motor yacht line with a contemporary interior, which epitomizes elegant design.

Cruise Type:           Charter Only
Starting Price: $5,500

Saraphina Exterior - Cruising

Owners Finnegan and Emily bring their extensive experience in hospitality and piloting from their years on luxury barges, to make your week cruising on Saraphina the perfect holiday.

Cruise Type:           Charter Only  
Options: Full Board, Half Board & Self Catering 
Starting Price: $3,860