Hotel Barge Boat Destinations France | Bordeaux


The Rosa cruises in the Aquitaine region. The air conditioned interior includes a dining room, salon, bar and four staterooms.

Cruise Type:           Cabin Bookings & Charter    
Starting Price: $4,100


The Saint Louis cruises in a beautiful area between Bordeaux and Toulouse. This is a region of rural calm offering medieval villages, Roman art and of course many of the finest vineyards in the world.

Cruise Type:           Charter Only   
Starting Price: $5,000


Tango’s décor is a delight in all its details. Large brass portholes and opening skylights throughout the vessel provide fresh circulating air and light. French art deco fixtures, Provençal ivory linens, and rich teak wall paneling recreate the atmosphere of 1930's French passenger liners.

Cruise Type:           Cabin Bookings & Charter    
Starting Price: $4,800