Dijon_City_CenterWhether you wish to find romance, enjoy some fresh mountain air, experience a boisterous nightlife, or spend the day on the water, France is the place where your dreams can be realized. There are few experiences in the world that can rival the memories of an outstanding vacation in France.
You may choose a fantastic trip to the French mountains or a romantic weekend with your partner in France's celebrated wine country, but no matter where you experience your vacation, you will undoubtedly have the time of your life. Almost everyone who visits France will return again to discover new and engaging parts of the country that they have not seen. If you are like most people, you realize that few places in the world have as much to offer as this beautiful and intriguing part of  Europe and you want to make your next trip to France even better than the first. Dijon is an area of France that offers attractions and activities to please just about anybody, so if you are looking for the ideal location for your next vacation, Dijon might just be the perfect choice.
Dijon is the Capital of Burgundy in France and is an interesting and alluring city. It lies between Paris and Lyon and has engaging characteristics, right down to the Dijon mascot. This is an emblematic little owl who is well loved by all the Dijon locals. Sculpted on the Church of Notre Dame's north facade, this lovable owl has a reputation of being able to bring luck to those who rub it with their left hand while making a wish.
Dijon is a city of history and culture, and international gastronomy and art thrive here. You will discover that whether your interests lean towards history, art, or romantic strolls through the beautiful streets at sunset, Dijon can help you fulfill your vacation goals, and once you are welcomed to this dynamic capital you may never want to leave. Although many comfortable and suitable accommodations can be found in Dijon, a few that you may wish to consider for a pleasant and memorable stay include the Sofitel La Cloche and the Du Chapeau Rouge. The latter is one of the most popular hotels in the area and offers guests the benefit of staying in the heart of Dijon, near the St. Benignus Cathedral and the Dijon shopping district. You will find that this historic hotel combines old woBeaune_Hospitalrld charm and modern conveniences and is located a mere 5 minutes from the Dijon train station.

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