Amaryllis_and_CyclingIf you are looking a fun family vacation or an intimate vacation with the one that you love a canal barge may be just what you are looking for. The canal boats can accommodate anywhere from 2 to 22 passengers and are fully staffed with a crew and a gourmet chef who uses only the freshest ingredients from the region. The France canal boats with a full staff offer all inclusive six night vacations. That covers all food and drink, excursions, a private guide, driver, and the use of bicycles on board the vessel.

For a unique family vacation you can get a self-drive barge that is easy to steer, you can rent one for a week or longer! Leisurely cruise down the canals and wind your way through the French countryside and moor anywhere you see fit, whether you want to just have a picnic or take in a local attraction. You will have a well supplied kitchen and bedding for your beds. This is a fun way to experience France.

A canal barge on France canal boats can be a magical way to see the French countryside. While you can hire canal boats here in the states and abroad the hand selected boats that are featured in the canal barge cruises at the Barge Connection are unparalleled. You will be able to board your ship, get settled in, enjoy the amenities each boat has to offer, and enjoy a different town every day.Barges_Morred_in_S_France

You will be cruising down the canals that link France together and will get to enjoy the tranquil countryside. At each lock you are free to hop off and walk or bike along the tow path. Can you think of a better way to relax on vacation?

Canal boating holidays are a great way to have fun and experience a unique type of vacation, whether you decide to take the helm or go the more traditional route it is sure to be a vacation not soon forgotten. A canal boat hire France will ensure that you will get to see the beauty that France has to offer. Each boat is staffed with a knowledgeable crew that can easily direct you to the best sites and the sites that would be of most interest to you. Canal boat holidays are also a great gift idea for that someone who seems to have everything and loves to travel.

Canal cruises should be at the top of your list as you plan your next vacation, go for a week or longer and eat some incredible food while taking in some incredible scenery. You can have a romantic get away or give the kids a cool vacation with mom and dad steering the canal boat for a week or more.

For the best canal boats in France to make those canal holidays extra special the perfect canal barge company for you is The Barge Connection. Contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have. Happy Cruising!