England Barge and River Cruises

magna_carta_windsorcastleTraveling to England is an eventful experience for vacations, so why not boost the excitement of the journey by changing things up? Use of travel barges, riverboats and self-drive barges are the answer. Not only are vacationers and travelers able to enjoy the entire vacation experience, but they can do so without the typical worry associated using other travel methods.

When enjoying the countryside of England, not only can you enjoy being a passenger on a fully-crewed hotel barge, but you can also operate a “drive yourself” barge. The choice is solely dependent on what type of trip experience you are looking for. A barge cruise is versatile enough for couples to enjoy, as well as during family barge trips.

When journeying past royal palaces toward The Middle Thames River, on this slow and meandering trip you will encounter quaint villages and small towns along the riverside. Picturesque beauty along the Thames River inspires those who have never dreamt of photography or painting to pick up cameras and paintbrushes.England

You will view a bountiful mix of old-world England alongside Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Surrey’s natural beauty during this Barge trips. Learn about the histories of these places, and bring out the writer in you by documenting all you learn in a travel journal. Because you are spending less time on the boat and more time on land, it’s easier to get the most out of your vacation activity plans.

Enjoy the deep countryside as we voyage the old Viking trading route. Frequents stops throughout Henry VIII’s Hampton Court toward Windsor Castle and on to Henley allows for plenty of uninterrupted explorations. Relaxation and stress free explorations occur in the midst of casual walking opportunities and cycling on good trails. You can choose to voyage out and explore on your own, or choose from one of the many tours offered.

There are always numerous events occurring throughout each town the barge voyages to, so be sure to pick up itineraries. Some of these events include literature festivals, rugby games and walking festivals. There’s something for everyone in terms of cultural events, gourmet food and musical entertainment.

The desire to book a barge cruise trip when planning your next vacation is inevitable following your experiences, explorations and excitement of the journey.