Champagne River and Barge Cruises

Champagne_RegionHow exciting would it be planning a barge cruise trip to the Champagne region of France? Consider the possibilities – a honeymoon adventure, a family vacation, a couple’s getaway for a special anniversary, renewing your vows. No matter what type of trip chosen, a Champagne cruise is a trip everyone involved is sure to remember for a lifetime.

Champagne is known across the globe for several interesting reasons, including its rich agriculture, the reign of the Emperor Charlemagne and its sparkling wine, for which the region is named. In addition to champagne, other products are abundant in the region including creamy cheeses.

A barge cruise to Champagne allows visitors to tour the beautiful countryside on guided or independent adventures. Relax in a vineyard during a wine tasting, nap under a tree following a casual stroll through the meadows and dine on scrumptious cuisine to cap off the day’s events. Don’t forget partaking in the numerous musical shows, theatre events and festivals occurring throughout the year.

Located 75 miles from Paris and near Meaux, the famous Champagne house of Moet and Chandon are located along the River Marne in the city of Epernay. Vineyards sprinkled throughout the undulating plains stretch beyond view and are breathtaking as Mother Nature paints them in vibrant colors of green and gold with the changing of seasons from summer to fall.

Among your vacation adventures should be a stop at one of Champagne’s most prestigious capitals, Reims, for Vineyard_Visit_in_Southern_Francewhich Champagne is also very famous. There, visitors behold one of the most beautiful medieval cathedrals in the country. Not only were kind of France crowned there, but one of the most famous crowning ceremonies took place by Joan of Arc crowning Charles VII.

It’s no wonder so many artists, poets and writers immerge so prevalently from the Champagne region of France. How could they not when so much beauty, so much inspiration and so many wonderful activities surround them? Not only are these Champagne cruises exciting for those looking for a unique experience, but also they are also wonderful for those of whom never had the opportunity to fully embrace the arts. Here is the opportunity to do so. Cheers!