Germany River and Barge Cruises

GermanyThe Moselle River flows through the  a small part of Belgium, Luxembourg, France and the Moselle region of Germany.  A barge cruise along the Moselle river is a great way to experience the romantic scenery of Germany and the lush wine region famous the world over. 

The Moselle River is approximately 550 kilometers long. Geographically the river is found in the north-eastern region of France, the eastern region of Luxembourg and the South-western region of Germany. These regions make up the Moselle valley which is touted for its high quality white wines. Since wines are named by regions all three countries (France, Germany and Luxembourg) make Moselle wine. 

Barge vacations down the Moselle River will embrace the romantic side of Germany.  Expect tall mountains with picturesque villages and towns along the way.  A mixture of modern cities, charming towns, dozens of castles and ruins and primordial deep forests and manicured hills speckled with vineyards and wineries.

Germany offers its visitors both the modern and historic cities and towns.  Cruising along the Moselle is quite a bit different then cruising along the Rhine. This is a slower and less touristy impacted area of Germany that remains a local secret.Rhine_River_Cruising  Vacationers will experience the way that the locals live while visiting one of the most welcoming areas in all of Germany.  

Expect to float through cities such as Trier, Bernkastel-Kues, Cochem and Koblenz as the barge floats down the Moselle River. Trier, Germany is the oldest city in Germany dating back to or before 16 BC.  Scenery is of low lying hills rich in vineyards.  The city possesses much religious history and visitors should expect cathedral type churches and Gothic architecture.  Visitors on private barge cruise boats would be welcome to explore all that this fine city has to offer.

Germany_ExcursionBernkastel-Kues, Germany is well known for its wineries and vineyards.  Moor the barge and adventure throughout world-class wineries while sampling the food of the region.  This is a romantic and fun city with lots to offer visitors. Cochem is also a wine center for Germany but offers many historical sights and castles, museums and landmarks.  This is a holiday destination for many visitors .  Scenery is a slow moving river surrounded by half forested villages and small hills with landmarks poking though the lush forests.

Koblenz is an ancient city where the Rhine River meets the Moselle River.  There is over 2000 years of history and architecture to thrill visitors.  Expect to transcend time and walk among ruins that date back to the birth of Christianity.  This is the trade center for the Moselle wine region as well as many other commodities that are manufactured in this region of Germany. The Moselle region of Germany has much to offer the visitor and enjoying the sights and culture of this great area while on a barge vacation is a great way to experience time, history, and Germany.