Hotel Barge Classes

Our star grading system helps you to match a hotel barge to your budget and expectations in terms of overall amenities, style, and comfort. The more stars a boat has, the more it has to offer! Excellent standards of customer service, wines and cuisine are provided – whatever the rating. All barges offer private en-suite facilities and bicycles.

Fluer_de_Lys_with_Pool5 STAR - Exceptional & Luxurious
• Barges have superior standards of comfort, space, décor and facilities onboard and feature latest technology

• Large cabins, equisite decor, and many have amenities such as pools, Jacuzzi’s, grand pianos, demonstration kitchens, internet access, TV/DVD


4 STAR– Luxury Quality & Stylish
• Luxury barges offer high standards of comfort and facilities
• Stylish Interior décor, soft furnishings, linen and equipment all to a very high standard
• Good size cabins, quality wines and many luxury amenities offered




3 STAR - Deluxe Design & Comfortable
• Deluxe style barges, similar to a quality boutiques in Paris, with stylish decor & ambiance
• Nice size cabins, similar to a high end B&B
• Barges offer good standards of comfort and décor



2 STAR - Classic Ambiance & Comfortable 

• Classic barges with casual, but elegant decor, smaller cabins, but all en-suite and very comfortable
• High standard of local cuisine and wines
• Reasonably priced, but not  lacking in any quality one expects from barging