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Walking Barge Cruises

Walking Cruise SmallWalking Cruises - European river and canal trips offer countless unique and intimate views of extraordinary riverside villages and towns--and the natural beauty of the countryside. Choosing a walking tour takes you even closer, allowing you to truly experience the vividly detailed cultural and ecological nuances of each area visited, up close and personal. European barge cruises cruise stop frequently for walking trips, thoughtfully and carefully planned by—or along with--experienced guides.

With comfortably luxury accommodations always at the ready, you are free to explore the riversides of Europe at leisure. Satisfy your curiosity about the architectural features, history and natural beauty of the hamlets, vineyards and countryside with your knowledgeable and congenial guides. Favorite features of barge cruisers on the walking cruise often include:


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  • Daily walking excursions with experienced guides
  • Healthy and ecologically sound travel experience
  • Delicious, regional cuisine, pre-arranged on board or at local restaurants
  • Relaxing, scenic and intimate mode of travel
  • Convenience and luxury of a boutique hotel--with a more spectacular view than any hotel in the world

Barge Travel -- Not just a Cruise, but an Immersion

So unlike major cruise-liners and ocean cruises-- barge holidays are in a completely different realm of experience. As you travel down canals and river waterways, you can float through the very center and beating heart of Europe on your chosen barge itinerary. But you won’t just be “seeing Europe,” and observing tourist zones. Stepping off the barge at frequent stops, you will experience the true flavor, the sounds, the smells and the very life--of each country, district, town and farm area that you enter. With every bend of the river, you’ll experience unique natural beauty, storied architecture and historical landscapes.

Enjoy Walking Tours, Hikes, Strolls and Rambles in Historic Landscapes

Although your accommodations are lovely, the best things about barge vacations typically happen when you’re off the barge. On barge trips, expert guides are provided to ensure you of the richest experience of each special location along your river trip. You won’t just cruise past, remotely observing the sights, instead you’ll be immersed in the spirit of each place. Your guides are prepared to introduce you to the unique architecture, art and history of picturesque local towns and rural areas you explore. You’ll enjoy rural walking tours or hikes to take in the natural landscape, flora and fauna.

See Europe at Your Own Pace on a Customized Walking Cruise

Your barge vacation allows you the freedom to pace your vacation just as you'd like, of course. You can customize your itinerary and personalize your trip to fit your interests. You may opt, as the mood strikes, to relax onboard or plan your own walk or route. You are free to exercise your creativity to plan days and evenings tailored to your idea of a good time—while your luxury canal barge docks nearby or continues along a lazy stretch of waterway. Enjoy excursions like these examples from the Barge Connection’s England and Burgundy Walking Cruises:

  • Amble down an ancient trail to Cookham Dean, where ‘The Wind in the Willows' author Kenneth Graham lived and received early creative inspiration.
  • Walk along wooded paths with deer and other wildlife enlivening a remote and peaceful natural backdrop.
  • Tour local Chablis vineyards at St Bris, along medieval village passages before a wine tasting stop at the 12th century cellars of foremost producer, Monsieur Bersan.
  • Climb to Winter Hill to view a stunning panorama of the intensely green landscape and return for dinner aboard.

Not Your Typical Tourist Travel: Barge Journeys Are Special

Much like the best boutique hotel you can imagine, barge cruising offers richly appointed accommodations and a comfortably gorgeous overall experience. Your very own boutique hotel and concierge both guide (as well as follow) you through your journey. Barge travelers enjoy luxurious, tasteful décor, personalized service, multiple amenities, stellar food and wine—and of course, an ever-evolving, ever-engaging view. Barge cruising is lush and comfortable, yet also wild and real.

Make Memories to last a Lifetime on Your European Barge Tour

If you haven’t been on a European barge cruise before--and even if you have--prepare to be amazed at the care and planning that goes into making your Barge Connection Cruise simply exceptional. The well-established operators go to great lengths to ensure that you fully enjoy the novel experiences afforded by this very special method of travel.

At home after your barge cruise, you’ll be able to speak with vivid insight about the special flavor of each country you visit. When your barge journey ends, you’ll look back o-- not just a trip to Europe--but your own breathtaking, exciting, relaxing and one-of-a-kind adventure.

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