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Multi-Country Barge Cruises

Multi Country Barge CruiseMulti-Country Cruise - Some of the greatest challenges when planning a trip to Europe are knowing where to go and how to make the arrangements. How can you possibly narrow down your trip to just one country? Where do you stay? How do you know what to see?

Our multi-country European barge cruises solve these problems. Select a two-country cruise to Belgium and Holland or an extended three-country cruise to France, Belgium, and Holland. Barge vacations let you experience the charm, romance, and splendor of Europe in luxury.

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Dream Destinations

Europe has such a rich history that there is no shortage of destinations to visit. You will only be able to marvel as you taste cheese and visit the world’s largest flower display in Gouda, Holland, or take a tour of the artist Rubens’ house. You can get a sense of the traditional Flemish style of life in Antwerp’s old town, and explore the canals in Bruges, the Belgian “Venice of the North.”

France’s Ile-de-France and Burgundy regions have earned their reputations as essential destinations for the serious traveler. See the landscapes that inspired Monet’s lilies and Van Gogh’s later paintings, bicycle through the countryside, and visit Napoleon’s former home. Finally, a Seine river cruise past the Eiffel Tower in Paris is a thrill of a lifetime.

Tailored For You

We'll offer you a variety of choices along the way, so your trip will meet your needs and maximize your group’s enjoyment. Each day, you'll have your choice of activities, historic tours and more.

A Trip of a Lifetime

Along the way, you will enjoy all sorts of unique experiences on board and on land. Consider the following events that can make lifelong memories.

  • Visits to markets and opportunities to buy handmade art
  • Cheese Making and Windmill visits
  • Explore Medieval Villages
  • Visit Bruges, known as the “Venice of the North”

Savor the Food and Wine

You can't immerse yourself in a country's culture without sampling its food, and Holland, Belgium, and France are all famous for their own cuisine. The Savoir Faire and La Nouvelle Etoile both take you to Belgium, where you can indulge in Belgian mussels with fries, waffles, and beer. Dutch cheeses, sausages, and puddings are also one-of-a-kind.

France may be the most famous country in the world for its gourmet cooking. On your multi-country cruise on the Savoir Faire, you can search for authentic French onion soup, coq-au-vin, and crème brulee. While the highly skilled cuisine is to die for, the simple pleasures, such as French bread, cheeses, and wines, are also unparalleled. French cuisine is varied and exciting, and you will encounter all kinds of food in the Ile de France.

Travel in Luxury

Whether you choose La Nouvelle Etoile or Savoir Faire for your barge cruise, you will be guaranteed an intimate and luxurious trip. Travel in comfort with all the amenities you are used to so that your barge feels like your European home. The cost of your European barge cruise includes all meals, beverages, and entrance fees.

Both barges provide our guests with air conditioning, a fully stocked bar, 220V A/C and 110v for electric shavers, a library with books and games, and sound system. You’ll have plenty to keep you busy as we do our sightseeing on the European waterways! Bicycles are at our guests’ disposal so you can enjoy the countryside in your own style.

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.” David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

Extend Your Stay

If you’re going to travel all the way to Europe, you want to make the most of your time there! Each of our barge trips departs from and finishes in a European city worth seeing. We suggest that you fly in a few days before your canal barge cruise starts or you plan to stay a few days after it ends so that you can soak up even more of the European culture. Contact the Barge Connection for your next Multi-Country Barge cruise.