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Garden Barge Cruise PictureGarden Cruises - You'll never think of European barge cruises the same way. Indulge in the magnificent sights and smells of English botanical brilliance. Stroll through estates rich with art, aroma and culture. Everything else will look dull after you witness the vibrant floral masterpieces the English countryside has to offer. Exchange gardening tips with fellow tourists. Bond with your significant other. Show the kids something they can't experience on their gadgets and gizmos. It's a feast for the senses and the perfect way to spend your barge holidays.

Mark Twain once said: "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

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That's exactly what you'll do on our garden-themed barge trips. Explore rustic estates and a culture as rich as your own. Dream about the sights, sounds and feeling of standing in a beautiful, unfamiliar setting. Discover something about England and about yourself. These gardens awaken something different in everyone.

A Treat for the Eyes

Just as painters painstakingly mix colors to find just the right shade and hue, inspired English gardeners and florists traveled the globe to acquire the most exotic, brilliant species and bring them together to create a living masterpiece. The gardens continue to grow in beauty and design and will inspire visitors for centuries to come.

Stunning Landscapes and Architecture

Artists know that the backdrop is just as important as the subject. When you set sail on our garden barge cruise, you'll experience not only vivacious plants, but the incredible landscapes and architecture that host them. Take a deep breath and treat yourself to regal arboretums, majestic mountains, ancient castles and brilliant estate. The temperate climate sets the stage for an eclectic mix of species to grow and thrive. That means more enjoyment for you!

Gardens and Much, Much More

We love gardens as much as you, but that's not all our luxury canal barge cruises have to offer. We give you a comprehensive cultural experience! Here's a taste of the memorable ways you can spend your barge holidays:

  • Feast your eyes on one of the largest flower displays in the world at the Keukenhof Gardens on the La Nouvelle Etoile cruise. Learn about the finer points of cheese making, visit one of Holland's signature windmills, and indulge in historic architecture.
  • Explore the heart of Amsterdam on the Savoir Faire cruise. Get in touch with the city's legendary canals after you tour the Royal Porcelain Factory and reflect on the stunning stained glass works of medieval Gouda.
  • Take in the rich atmosphere of the Tudor Palace on the Magna Carta - Chelsea cruise. Enjoy the peerless Chelsea Flower Show and visit an eclectic mix of gardens bursting with exotic species and creative arrangements.
  • Discover the magic of England's riverside towns and water gardens on the Magna Carta - Hampton cruise. Visit medieval villages, magnificent estates and admire the work of one of England's most touted painters.

Relax on Deck

When you've had your fill of floral fun, relax and enjoy a sumptuous meal prepared from fresh, local ingredients while you sail gently along the English waters. Dream your cares away as the local countryside flows past. Private bathrooms and showers in our spacious cabins help you feel at home on your maritime adventure. The days are vivacious, the nights magical, the experience like a page out of a fairy tale. It's a vacation for the ages, and all ages are welcome. What are you waiting for? Book your garden cruise or one of our other unforgettable themed canal and river cruises today!

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