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Family Barge Cruise PhotoFamily Cruise - Henry Miller said: “One’s destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things.”

Travel opens a window on the world, which is why so many parents choose European Barge Cruises for their holiday travel. With Barge vacations, parents and children are able to have fun and learn about the world in a safe and structured environment. Kids love Barge holidays because each cruise is tailored for their enjoyment. Parents love the added benefit of knowing the planning has been done for them, so they aren't forced to spend their vacation talking about logistics and worrying about transportation schedules.

All Barge trips are custom-designed to deliver your family to a range of historical destinations that fall off the beaten path. You'll have the chance to enjoy your vacation in relative peace, without fighting throngs of tourists. Sit back, relax and let us take you on a memorable trip through the European countryside.

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Barge holidays offer these great benefits:

  • pre-arranged meals and activities
  • relaxing mode of travel
  • fun and educational daily excursions

Historical Destinations

All our European canal and river cruises involve travel to historic destinations, where you'll learn about Roman and medieval ways of life. Whether you're taking a guided tour of an 11th century abbey, walking among the vines at the 12th century Château de Marguerite de Bourgogne, or visiting England's oldest inn, we'll take you to destinations thousands of years old.

You may find yourself walking the same hallways trod by King Henry the VIII, touring a castle where Joan of Arc was imprisoned, or exploring the sites of a pre-Roman settlement. Our knowledgeable and entertaining guides will answer your questions as we take you to sites of deep historical and cultural significance.

Tailored For You

We'll offer you a variety of choices along the way, so your trip will meet your needs and maximize your family's enjoyment. Each day, you'll have your choice of children's activities, historic tours and more.

Unique Opportunities

Have you ever wanted to explore a haunted castle? Learn about organic farming and cheese making? Go horseback riding through Ireland's luscious green countryside? You can do all this and more on our Shannon Princess cruise. In fact, every one of our barge tours has a lineup of unique activities to keep your family happily entertained.

Here are just a few of the choices you'll encounter on our cruises through Europe:

  • Visit the prehistoric caves at Grottes d’Arcy on our Elisabeth tour, where you'll see stalactites and stalagmites up to 4 meters tall and 10 meters wide.
  • Test your tree-climbing skills at Accro Branche park on the Amaryllis tour.
  • Learn about how goat cheese is made on the Athos tour.
  • Learn about bee-keeping with the Clair de Lune tour.
  • Tour an olive oil press on the Enchante tour.
  • Visit the zoo and science learning center at Parc L’Auxois on the La Belle Epoque tour.
  • Go pony riding when you visit the adventure park at Loisirs en Morvan, on our Art de Vivre tour.
  • As a part of our Nymphea tour, visit the Aquarium Du Val De Loire featuring over 40 pools with aquatic life ranging from fish to sharks to crocodiles.
  • See the open-air dinosaur park in Meze, on the Anjodi tour.
  • Watch clothing and weapon demonstrations at the Clansman Centre in Fort Augustus on the Scottish Highlander tour.

Structured, Convenient Fun

Family Barge CruisePerhaps one of the greatest benefits of barge holidays are the daily schedules. Each day is packed with fun activities, and arrangements are made by the captain and crew of your vessel. You won't need to worry about logistical concerns like arrival times, driving directions or train schedules. Your only job on a Barge vacation is to enjoy yourself. We'll keep you and your kids safe and on track as you explore the vast, beautiful countryside of France, England or Ireland.

Luxury and Comfort

You'll feel at home starting from the moment you unpack your bags in your comfortable on-board accommodations. All our cabins have private bathrooms and showers for your convenience. In your downtime, you'll have the chance to sit on our sundeck and watch the passing countryside, read a book in our on-board library or stop by the ship's bar for a satisfying glass of wine.

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