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Cooking & Culinary Barge Cruises

Culinary Barge Cruise 500Cooking & Culinary Cruises - Take in the bites and sights of Burgundy, France on one of our award-winning European barge cruises with a carefully curated itinerary catering to foodies, wine lovers and culinary adventurers!

Culinary Barge Trips: What to Expect

From delicate French pastries to award-winning wines, our culinary canal and river cruises bring the best of European food and drink straight to you. Relax on our luxury canal barge while we travel in comfort down the vast network of ancient waterways that wind through the heartland of Europe. Travel aboard our intimate vessels to taste the best European, discover the finest wines, and even try your hand at creating your own culinary masterpiece under the tutelage of a master chef.

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Culinary Barge Cruise Big Picture 500On our culinary and cooking cruise, you’ll learn new recipes in heart of Burgundy, France, a region renowned for its gourmet cuisine and fine wines. From aperitifs to desserts, our master chef will teach you how to prepare various French delicacies. Our cooking lessons are conveniently scheduled during the cruise so you will have plenty for time to explore the charming French countryside. Stroll through centuries-old villages and sample local delicacies from chocolatiers and patisseries. Visit local markets and mingle with the artisans who for centuries have past down the secrets to these French delicacies. Enjoy fine dining with private visits to wine cellars, cafes and brasseries that reveal the true essence of Burgundy’s relaxed lifestyle and world-famous cuisine. From the crunch of a warmly, freshly baked baguette to the silky smoothness of a perfectly aged brie cheese, our culinary cruises are a true delight for your all your senses. Or explore the wonders of Southern France along the Midi, Provence or Ireland. The talented chefs aboard each barge are eager to show you some new cooking techniques. The taste testing is my favorite part of the culinary barge cruises.

Why Choose a Culinary Barge Cruise

Our culinary barge cruise is one of our most popular barge vacations. Like all our specialty barge cruises, you will take in breath-taking views and vineyard-strewn valleys. To enhance the magical beauty of Europe that you’ll experience first-hand during your barge cruise, our knowledgeable travel experts bring a wealth of experience to all our luxury canal barge cruises.

Culinary Barge Cruise 3Prefer to dine on local delicacies rather than cook? The culinary experts on our European barge cruises are happy to accommodate you! Let us help you embrace your inner culinary connoisseur by creating a custom itinerary for your group. We are experts at accommodating our travel clients with the best available options to meet their needs. From our first-class accommodations to custom itineraries, we will accompany you every step of the way through this extraordinary barge cruise. In fact, we like to think of our barge holidays as more than just vacations, but as a truly once-in-a-lifetime journey.

As St. Augustine famously said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” Our European barge cruises are designed to help you experience new pages in this book through bespoke canal and river cruises. On our barge holidays, our mission is simple: help you discover the very best that Europe has to offer!