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Antique Barge Cruises

Antique Barge Cruise Antique Cruises - Broderick Crawford said, “I collect antiques. Why? Because they’re beautiful.” If antiquing is your passion, too, then why not turn it into something more. Barge holidays are all the rage right now, because they offer you more. More food, more fun, more places to see and more adventures than the average vacation brings to the table.

You and your antique loving friends can expand the annual road trip to hunt for treasures into a nautical vacation package you won’t soon forget. An antique themed cruise will take you to the classic markets to see the timeless pieces they offer while giving you the opportunity to explore the countryside at the same time. It’s a win-win for the antiquer that loves to travel.

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Why Cruise?

Barge vacations are all-inclusive. That means you pay one price for onboard fine dining, daily excursions, six night accommodations, guided tours and all amenities aboard. Combine that with the full crew aboard and you get at high caliber cruise vacation.

Multiple Destinations Available for Barge Trips

So, you and your antiquing buddies want to tour the England countryside looking for fine collectables. European barge cruises will take you from Hampton Count to the Henley on the Thames without you having to plan every step along the way.

Tailored For You

We'll offer you a variety of choices along the way, so your trip will meet your needs and maximize your group’s enjoyment. Each day, you'll have your choice of activities and more.

Here are just a few of the choices you'll encounter on our barge cruises in England:

  • Phelps Antique Centre
  • Kings Road, Chelsea
  • The Country Seat
  • Nettlebed
  • Elton High Street

Is Antiquing All There is to Life?

The answer is no. Antiquing is a fascinating hobby, and a worthy theme for any barge cruise, but there is more to a vacation than just shopping. Antique canal and river cruises let you experience the country, too. Play golf at Cely-en-Briere before hunting for French treasures. Enjoy a walk through Windsor Castle to see how the royals do their antiquing. Learn to appreciate the country, along with the collecting opportunities each offers.

Expand Your Horizons

You might love antiquing, but you can use the barge cruise to develop new interests, too. Tour the local wineries, for example, and become a wine connoisseur. Develop a taste for the fine foods and cultural dishes. Taking an antique cruise can introduce you to adventures you never thought you would experience.

Enjoy the Benefits Only Found on a Barge Cruise

A barge cruise is like a floating hotel. It offers all the amenities you find at top-notch vacation spots without the hassle. You travel from place to place without having to pack up and move each time. Spend your day on land shopping and seeing the sights, then return to a comfortable bed and charming atmosphere.

You’ll Love the Variety

Add some spice to your holiday by taking a different barge cruise every year. Each barge has new activities and a different itinerary than the one you took last year. If you toured the antique markets of England already, then cruise the Champagne region of France next.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” Marcel Proust

Add new activities, luxury amenities and food delicacies to your next antique road trip by making it an antique barge cruise instead.