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Adventure Barge Cruises

Adventure Cruise Big 500 Adventure Cruises - Those who look for the opportunity to combine fantastic barge cruises along with their love for activity and perhaps the opportunity to enjoy a cruise in France have discovered the perfect vacation opportunity with the adventure cruises from the Barge Connection. Combining exciting physical activity along with a relaxing canal barge cruise, it is the perfect vacation for those who enjoy exploring in luxury while still exerting themselves physically. Since many of the theme cruises are designed for small charter groups, it is the perfect way to grow friendships and relationships as everyone works together to successfully meet their adventure goals. With the adventure cruise, the various activities become another way of exploring the waterways of France and experiencing the vacation on an entirely new level.  

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Activities to Enjoy

There are number of different activities offered to those enjoying adventure barge holidays. Options include seeing the world from an entirely new perspective with hot air ballooning, touring the nearby trails with horseback riding, and climbing some of the local mountains. Those interested in staying on the water, while also venturing off the barge, can explore the beautiful waterways of France with canoeing, or getting even more adventurous with some white water rafting.

Golfing is also a popular option for those who enjoy the sport. Other passengers may prefer to spend their time bicycling or walking during their trips. All the options offer as much or as little physical challenge as the individual seeks. Those enjoying these adventure barge cruises in France also have the option of choosing whether they want to spend every day participating in the same activity or if they want to try something new every day. It is the perfect way to tailor the trip precisely to individual needs.

How the cruises work

Our barge vacations never forget that those aboard the boat are enjoying a luxury vacation, regardless of how adventurous they might be feeling. This means that passengers will be catered to every step of their trip by helpful professionals dedicated to making sure that everyone has the perfect vacation. The Barge Connection prides itself on offering unparalleled service to ensure customer satisfaction and a wonderful travel experience. "They worked with us to plan each part of our adventure to ensure that our party had their needs met and that we found activities that we would all like. It made for a perfect vacation."

Each vessel selected for a cruise is carefully chosen to ensure a quality trip. At The Barge Connection, we know that our success is dependent upon customer satisfaction, so we strive to meet and exceed customer expectations at every turn. That is why we have planned this cruise to offer the perfect balance between luxury cruising and exciting activities so that each passenger can experience all that the waterways of France have to offer.

The boat for the adventure barge trips can house fourteen people through a combination of twin, double, and single cabins. The atmosphere is one of casual luxury, where passengers know that their every need will be met and that the cuisine served will meet the highest standards. It is the perfect trips for an active group of friends or family to spend quality time together exploring France. 

Tailored For You

We'll offer you a variety of choices along the way, so your trip will meet your needs and maximize your group’s enjoyment. Each day, you'll have your choice of activities.

Here are just a few of the choices you'll encounter on our Adventure Cruises:

  • Horse riding in the hills of Montillot
  • Canoeing at Saint Pere Sous Vezelay
  • Cave Climbing in Dissangis, a Vast Stone Quarry
  • Walking in the Trees at Bois de la Volie under the French Forest and tree canopy

"Not all those who wander are lost." J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

The cruise will begin with a rendezvous at either the exquisite city of Paris or Auxerre. Each day guests will be treated to a gentle cruise to the daily destination, which includes cities such as Bailly, Accolay, Mailly-le-Chateau, and more. Each destination is home to numerous sites and experiences to people to partake in that offer opportunities to experience the rich culture and history of the country. Guests can explore a 13th Century style village that is being constructed using traditional methods of the time period, try the delightful wine native to the region, kayak around Saint Pere, visit medieval castles and basilicas, and numerous similar exciting adventures.

When it comes to canal and river cruises, nothing can beat the adventure cruises of The Barge Connection. Their European barge cruises offer luxury and style while also catering to desire of the passengers to get off the boat experience a bit of the area for themselves. These luxury canal barge cruises offer the benefits of adventure while still being treated to high class cuisine and a first class adventures. These cruises in Europe are designed to meet the needs of each passenger party. Those interested in learning more should contact us at The Barge Connection today. We look forward to speaking with you about your next adventure.