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Themed Barge Cruises in France and Europe

Theme cruises are a wonderful way to experience barge cruising and incorporate your favorite pastime. Most theme cruises are for small charter groups. We do have specific theme cruises for cabin bookings throughout the year.

Adventure Cruise Big 500 Adventure Cruises - Those who look for the opportunity to combine fantastic barge cruises along with their love for activity and perhaps the opportunity to enjoy a cruise in France have discovered the perfect vacation opportunity with the adventure cruises from the Barge Connection. Combining exciting physical activity along with a relaxing canal barge cruise, it is the perfect vacation for those who enjoy exploring in luxury while still exerting themselves physically. Since many of the theme cruises are designed for small charter groups, it is the perfect way to grow friendships and relationships as everyone works together to successfully meet their adventure goals. With the adventure cruise, the various activities become another way of exploring the waterways of France and experiencing the vacation on an entirely new level.  

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Antique Barge Cruise Antique Cruises - Broderick Crawford said, “I collect antiques. Why? Because they’re beautiful.” If antiquing is your passion, too, then why not turn it into something more. Barge holidays are all the rage right now, because they offer you more. More food, more fun, more places to see and more adventures than the average vacation brings to the table.

You and your antique loving friends can expand the annual road trip to hunt for treasures into a nautical vacation package you won’t soon forget. An antique themed cruise will take you to the classic markets to see the timeless pieces they offer while giving you the opportunity to explore the countryside at the same time. It’s a win-win for the antiquer that loves to travel.

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Culinary Barge Cruise 500Cooking & Culinary Cruises - Take in the bites and sights of Burgundy, France on one of our award-winning European barge cruises with a carefully curated itinerary catering to foodies, wine lovers and culinary adventurers!

Culinary Barge Trips: What to Expect

From delicate French pastries to award-winning wines, our culinary canal and river cruises bring the best of European food and drink straight to you. Relax on our luxury canal barge while we travel in comfort down the vast network of ancient waterways that wind through the heartland of Europe. Travel aboard our intimate vessels to taste the best European, discover the finest wines, and even try your hand at creating your own culinary masterpiece under the tutelage of a master chef.

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Cycling Barge Cruise PictureCycling Barge Cruise - When a biking enthusiast goes on vacation they usually hook up their bike rack to their car, drive a few hours to a nice bike route, and then ride and camp for a few days before heading home. Imagine biking throughout historic areas of Europe and returning each night to your luxury hotel, which follows your route. Sound crazy, or impossible? It isn’t, the Barge Connection, specializes in European barge cruises. Every barge in their fleet is a sumptuous floating hotel, equipped with crews that act as guides, chef, ship’s crew, and housekeeping.

A cycling cruise is one of the most popular themed cruises offered by The Barge Connection. Cruise members love the barge cruise experience that lets them enjoy all that barge cruising offers and still enjoy your favorite activity. Though most of our themed cruises are for small charter groups, we also have set aside cabin bookings throughout the year for a specific type of cruise including cycling.

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Family Barge Cruise PhotoFamily Cruise - Henry Miller said: “One’s destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things.”

Travel opens a window on the world, which is why so many parents choose European Barge Cruises for their holiday travel. With Barge vacations, parents and children are able to have fun and learn about the world in a safe and structured environment. Kids love Barge holidays because each cruise is tailored for their enjoyment. Parents love the added benefit of knowing the planning has been done for them, so they aren't forced to spend their vacation talking about logistics and worrying about transportation schedules.

All Barge trips are custom-designed to deliver your family to a range of historical destinations that fall off the beaten path. You'll have the chance to enjoy your vacation in relative peace, without fighting throngs of tourists. Sit back, relax and let us take you on a memorable trip through the European countryside.

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Garden Barge Cruise PictureGarden Cruises - You'll never think of European barge cruises the same way. Indulge in the magnificent sights and smells of English botanical brilliance. Stroll through estates rich with art, aroma and culture. Everything else will look dull after you witness the vibrant floral masterpieces the English countryside has to offer. Exchange gardening tips with fellow tourists. Bond with your significant other. Show the kids something they can't experience on their gadgets and gizmos. It's a feast for the senses and the perfect way to spend your barge holidays.

Mark Twain once said: "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

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Golf Cruise SmallGolf Cruise - It's the smell of freshly cut fairways on a cool summer morning. The ping of the ball as it connects with the club for a perfectly stricken shot. Rolling hills and rivers, lakes and streams that cut through the course. And enjoying a round with your closest friends.

When's the last time you really played a memorable round of golf?

When you take a golf barge cruise, you won't just play one round of golf that you'll remember for a lifetime, but several of them. Our barge vacations travel waterways throughout Europe, taking you and your companions to some of the finest golf courses in the world. No two courses are the same, in terms of layout, scenery, difficulty and location. But all of them will offer an amazing experience, no matter what skill level you are.

"As you walk down the fairway of life - smell the roses. For you only get to play one round." - Ben Hogan

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Multi Country Barge CruiseMulti-Country Cruise - Some of the greatest challenges when planning a trip to Europe are knowing where to go and how to make the arrangements. How can you possibly narrow down your trip to just one country? Where do you stay? How do you know what to see?

Our multi-country European barge cruises solve these problems. Select a two-country cruise to Belgium and Holland or an extended three-country cruise to France, Belgium, and Holland. Barge vacations let you experience the charm, romance, and splendor of Europe in luxury.

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Venice Regatta PhotoHave an Unforgettable Italian Experience with a Regatta Cruise - A barge cruise is one of the most authentic and exciting ways to see and experience the world. European barge cruises and barge holidays are among the most scenic, historic and energizing kinds of holidays under the sun, and once you've tried barge vacations, it will be hard to settle for anything less. The Barge Connection is your premier concierge for European Barge Cruises, and one of their most popular tours is their Italian Regatta Cruise.

Barge Trips Let You Watch Regattas in Style

The Barge Connection's Regatta Cruise will guide you through the breathtaking Italian countryside in the same manner that traditional Italians from years gone by celebrated military victories. You'll get to see the Vogalonga rowing competition, which takes place on a 30k race course that winds its way through the canals of historic Venice. Rowers take on the raceway every May, and autumn events include a race and festive parade with the Riviera Fiorita and Storica Regattas.

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Tennis Cruise SmallTennis Cruise - There are many sorts of barge vacations out there and each has something special to offer the traveler in each of us. Canal and river cruises like the European barge cruises, will often feature specialty wines, gourmet cuisine and historic sights and don’t forget the great game of Tennis.

Barge holidays offer these great benefits:

  • pre-arranged meals and activities
  • relaxing mode of travel
  • fun and educational daily excursions
  • Unpacking just once
  • Fun new places to play tennis each day

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Walking Cruise SmallWalking Cruises - European river and canal trips offer countless unique and intimate views of extraordinary riverside villages and towns--and the natural beauty of the countryside. Choosing a walking tour takes you even closer, allowing you to truly experience the vividly detailed cultural and ecological nuances of each area visited, up close and personal. European barge cruises cruise stop frequently for walking trips, thoughtfully and carefully planned by—or along with--experienced guides.

With comfortably luxury accommodations always at the ready, you are free to explore the riversides of Europe at leisure. Satisfy your curiosity about the architectural features, history and natural beauty of the hamlets, vineyards and countryside with your knowledgeable and congenial guides. Favorite features of barge cruisers on the walking cruise often include:


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Wine Barge CruiseWine Cruise - Imagine yourself journeying off on a Barge Cruise, where you enjoy the company of a renowned sommelier, teaching you about the area’s wineries and vineyards, then expertly pairing those wines with top of the line cuisines. You could end up sipping a gorgeous Bordeaux wine while leisurely strolling along the banks of the Garonne river in the wine’s namesake region. Or perhaps you may enjoy a crisp Sancerre in the Upper Loire region, expertly paired with the wide variety of available local cuisine on a guided excursion. Wine-themed, barge vacations may be the perfect getaway for you. Countries such as France typically serve as destinations for travelers going on European Barge Cruises, wishing to expand their knowledge of wine, while visiting some of the world’s most renowned vineyards and absorbing stately European history and architecture.

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