• Giving Back

Giving Back

Athos_CruiseGiving back is a contagious process. As a means of saying thank you for all of the success that Barge Connection has had over the years of providing successful barge vacations, we are happy to announce that we are giving back.

A percentage of each booking will be directed to one of the four charities listed below and there is no charge to you. It always feels good to give.


Water.orgWater.Org has been working for several decades, diligently to bring clean water and sanitation to developing communities world wide. This organization helps to reduce water borne illness and toxins by providing long-term solutions to communities that desperately need them.


logo_nkhNo Kid Hungry is an organization that provides meals to hungry children. They operate though donations and each donation goes to feeding children.


stjudeLogo_50thSt. Jude Children's Research Hospital is an organization that provides treatment and hospitalization for children who are diagnosed with catastrophic disease, such as cancer. Supporting research and pediatric treatment changes the lives of every child, while providing world class care to those children who desperately need it.


Friendship-Club-Logo-300x120The Friendship Club an organization that provides services such as mentoring to young girls who are at risk of traveling down some negative paths in their lives. Providing services to young women allow those girls to make better choices and develop healthy standards by which to they can live. The result is a better community.