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Scotland Barge Cruises

babpipesScotland still exists today as both a land and a modern country.  Scotland has a rich and deep history that through ancient and mid-evil battles, disease and pestilence and a mad attempt by the Romans to occupy the proud country has left a historical mark across the highlands and lowlands. Visitors should expect to see ruins and castles, rolling green hills and the unmistakable sight of the famous Scottish Heather.

The Calendonian Canal cleaves Scotland in half starting at Inverness on the eastern coast and emptying sea near Fort William. Barge Vacations are rich in scenery, history and culture. The important aspect of the river system in both Scotland and Ireland is that historically they were the fastest means of traveling from point A to point B.  Military campaigns were wages along the rivers, trade flowed up and down the rivers, and cities and castles were built along the rivers. These are a few of the unique sights that await visitors who embark on a barge cruise down the Calendonian Canal.

The song that embodies Scotland in history, spirit and in soul is “Oh Danny Boy.”  As the words play across the history of this land the emphasis of culture and geography become key players in a haunting tale that embraces the ingenious nature of the Scottish people.  One can hardly think of Scotland and not picture bagpipes. To the Scots, bagpipes were not just musical instruments but ways to communicate across great distances.  Song and tempo came together to send messages to distant clans, announcing death, war, danger as well as joy and happiness.  The geographic make up of Scotland becomes clear when one considers the culture of its people.  The highlands, the low lands and the dales are geographic obstacles that the persevering people of Scotland have mastered.  This is an important consideration to vacationers because it brings the importance of the rivers to light.  A barge cruise along the canals of Scotland will allow tourists to see and experience everything that is Scotland.  Small excursions on land will be met with a warmth and hospitable greeting from the Scottish people.  This is a country that one could visit a hundred times and never see everything there is to see or experience everything there is to experience.