European River Cruises

Riverboat_CrewEurope river cruises are a great way to take in the beauty, culture, and history of Europe. A cruise offered with the Barge Connection gives you a unique opportunity to cruise down some of Europe's historic rivers, including the Rhone River, in comfort and experience the small cities and villages along the river-side.

The Barge Connection offers European river cruises that allow you to leisurely cruise down historic rivers and make plenty of stops along the way at the various villages and monuments along the way. The trips are well planned taking that tedious task away from you and ensuring you see all the must see sites. The boat is like a bed and breakfast on water, they are comfortable and cozy and will surely make you feel right at home.

The Rhone River, like the Rhine River, originates in the Swiss Alps and is the only major river in Europe that empties into the Mediterranean. The Rhone River has served as a key waterway in connecting northern and southern France as well as connecting northern and southern Switzerland. A Rhone river cruise will take you down the river and allow you to enjoy and explore Southern France.

ama09A cruise down the Rhone River will include stops where you can visit the historic cities of Provence and enjoy activities like horseback riding. You will travel some of the same routes that the Greeks and Romans travelled centuries ago. This important trade and transportation route connected the Mediterranean and Gaul. You will get to visit cities like Arles, Avignon, and Aigues-Mortes. The boats are typically cruising around 5 miles per hour and cover around 120 miles per week. You will be able to relax on board enjoying French pastries from a local bakery while taking in the beautiful scenery of the Rhone Valley, and that's just breakfast!

In addition to being an important trade and transportation cities along the Rhone also housed the pope and antipopes during the great Western Schism. The river also served as a key route for the Allied forces during World War II. This river was also one of the first to have a steam engine grace its waters, before that boats were pulled by horses or men on the shore or used a sail.

ama11A River Rhone cruise will allow you visit about five cities during a one week cruise, and you only have to unpack one time. A typical cruise is small and charming. You will enjoy fresh authentic French food daily and enjoy excursions like olive oil and wine tasting and visits to truffle farms. You will also enjoy walking tours of some of the cities and get to walk in the footsteps of legendary historical figures like Van Gogh and Nostradamus. Not all the events are structured, allowing you some time to explore some of France on your own. The Barge Connection ensures that your ship is up to par and that the crew is friendly. The ships are hand picked to ensure the quality of your vacation. If you have any concerns or questions please contact The Barge Connection.