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A Vacation to Savor

A soft breeze blows over the bow of the canal barge the Papillon as you relax on deck in the late afternoon sun. Butterflies lazily hover over the fresh herb boxes that line the sides of the boat. Eyes closed, you take another sip of wine. As the complex flavors wash over your tongue you contemplate another bike ride along the river- not the frantic calorie burning focused rides of your life at home- but a relaxing ride interrupted with picking blackberries from the flanking hedge rows and laughter. You're actually laughing again. The first day you boarded the Papillon you kept reaching for your cell phone- now you don't even know where it is- or care. This is the magic of a barge cruise aboard the Papillon which means, "butterfly" in French. Regal in a casually luxurious kind of way, a tour aboard the Butterfly will mesmerize and delight you.

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Let’s Go to Paris with The Kids

Paris is a uniquely cosmopolitan city—the true essence of culture and sophistication, so it may not be your first choice of destinations in which to travel with your children. But, Paris is filled with many family and child friendly places and activities—the French have kids too, right? So if you and your spouse are looking for a getaway that is both romantic and family friendly, don’t overlook Paris as an option! Depending on the ages of your children, several of the famous Paris attractions are free, which means you can save your money to savor croissants with your kids! Structuring your trip to include alternating days of “child focused” activities, with those of a more grown up feel, may also be an excellent way to explore the city with your children, so that the whole family has a fulfilling trip to the City of Lights.

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