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Bordeaux and Barging…The Perfect Vacation!

Have you been to Paris? Have you already explored the Riviera? The Bordeaux wine country awaits, and what better way to tour this historic region of France than with a slow-moving barge cruise. Rather than rushing around on a bus tour, you'll glide through the inland waterways of southwest France, giving you a unique perspective on this scenic part of the world.

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The Language of Occitan in France

Part of the fun of traveling to far off exotic countries is a chance to explore the unique culture of your vacation destination. One fun and interesting thing to do while visiting another part of the world is to listen to the locals talk and soak up the different variations of their beautiful language.

When visiting Southern France, you will notice that they seem to have a unique language that is all their own…and in fact they do! Occitan, the Language of the Languedoc, dates back to the tenth century and was actually the first literary language of modern Europe, the preferred tongue of King Richard the Lionheart, and the language of the Troubadours.

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“The Pink City”

The first fingers of dawn kiss the bell tower of the Basilica of St. Sernin, coaxing a faint pink glow from its brick façade. As the sun arcs across the sky, the cathedral and its host city of Toulouse take on a warm rosy hue that deepens with each passing hour. Dusk brings an ethereal glow, a welcoming warmth emanating from structures built centuries ago. Such is life in Toulouse, the famed Pink City of France.

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Viaduc de Millau – The World’s Tallest Bridge

With all of the rich history and stunning old style architecture that France has to offer, you may find it a bit of a surprise to know that one of their most magnificent architectural masterpieces is the sleek and modern Viaduc de Millau Bridge. A contrast to all of the historic old towns and the beautiful landscape, this modern marvel has the privilege of being the worlds tallest bridge.

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The Secrets of Roquefort

If you only think of salad dressing when you hear the word, "Roquefort," think again. Roquefort, offers much more than just cheese-making. The town of around 700 residents is set in the rolling hills of the Midi Pyrenees region of south-central France, and features dramatic hiking trails, historic chateaux and remnants from French history, dating back to the Roman era.

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