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The Beauty and Freedom of Camargue

b2ap3_thumbnail_Wildwhitehorsescamargue.jpgCamargue is a small region in the south of France, nestled between the Mediterranean Sea to the south and the two forks of the Rhone River. The region, once home to Cistercian and Benedictine monks, is largely agricultural to the north. However, the southern part of the region holds some of the most untouched and pristine land in western Europe.

Fun facts about Camargue

Not familiar with Camargue? Don't worry. We have a slew of fun facts for you to get acquainted with the area.

  • The Camargue region is western Europe's largest river delta.
  • Approximately one-third of Camargue is made up of lakes or marsh land.
  • Much of western Europe's industrial salt is mined in this area.
  • Camargue's unique landscape has intrigued script writers and novelists for years, and the region is featured in such diverse works as the children's film, "The White Mane" and C.S. Forester's Horatio Hornblower novel, "A Ship of the Line."
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Fun Facts About Avignon

Located in the lush vineyards of the Rhone Valley, the ancient walled city and university town of Avignon is rich in history, artistic brilliance, and Provencal life. From churches and chapels to film festivals and street musicians, Avignon was named the European Capital of Culture in 2000, and the city has been one of France’s major artistic centers for centuries. Whether you’re exploring the scenic waterways of Provence on our Roi Soleil (Sun King) or Le Phenicien barges, Avignon’s mix of culture, gastronomy, world-class wine, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites create a memorable travel experience.

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Brittany is a Region all it's Own

Located on the northwest corner of France, the Province of Brittany combines rugged coastal beauty with a music, culture, cuisine and language all its own. The peninsula, for centuries a part of Britain (hence the name), combines craggy coastlines, historic castles, picturesque forests and a vibrant folk music scene to create a memorable vacation spot for most any visitor.

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Cruising in Style on the Roi Soleil

Lavender in Provence Roi SoleilDelicately balanced wine, farmhouse aged cheese, lavender, poplar trees, and world-renown light that every artist from Van Gogh to Picasso has immortalized in their paintings -yes, it's just another day in southern France. Southern France is dotted with walled cities, lush vineyards and the sun baked ruins of Roman architecture. However, towering above these many historic splendors and cultural touchstones is food. Provence is the gastronomic core of France, so perusing open air markets for black truffles or whiling away the day eating at a Michelin Star restaurant is common, and not just something that hardcore foodies do. Needless to say, while most tourists choose to visit Provence's small towns and villages by train or car, why not opt for a unique and more glamorous mode of transportation on a fully crewed barge?

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Pastel – A Miracle Cream from Toulouse

Perhaps the best part of taking a vacation is that you get to explore new places, have exciting adventures, and discover a world of things you never even knew existed. On a recent trip to Toulouse we found a fountain of youth secret that we want to share. We were introduced to Pastel by our local tour guide in the charming town of Toulouse. Our guide told us about this popular Pastel cream that is unique to the area. This amazing cream works miracles for your skin and is known to smooth your skin, get rid of blemishes, and work wonders on dry skin and wrinkles! The cream is amazing and the history of the plant is truly fascinating.

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