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La Joie de Vivre in Beaune

b2ap3_thumbnail_Beaune-Wine.jpgEnchanting, historic Beaune should be on your list o towns to visit if you will be traveling near or in Burgundy. This is a picturesque, small, walled city filled with many charming

sites. Wandering down this ancient town's cobblestone streets, you'll discover that its moat and many of its fortifications remain intact, including nearly half of its battlements and ramparts. Beaune is also a paradise for lovers of medieval architecture, with its Hospices de Beaune being its crowning glory.

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City of Perfume

Most people travel to a destination in hopes of viewing interesting sights, but in Grasse, France, it is beautiful and intriguing scents that are the big attraction. This centuries old village in Provence is the perfume capital of the world. Not only is this charming town home to approximately 30 perfume factories, it is also surrounded by fields of sweet-smelling flowers, including jasmine, roses lavender and tuberoses. In fact, Grasse is known for producing approximately two-thirds of the aromas that France uses in the making of its perfumes and the manufacturing of flavorings for food.

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The Language of Occitan in France

Part of the fun of traveling to far off exotic countries is a chance to explore the unique culture of your vacation destination. One fun and interesting thing to do while visiting another part of the world is to listen to the locals talk and soak up the different variations of their beautiful language.

When visiting Southern France, you will notice that they seem to have a unique language that is all their own…and in fact they do! Occitan, the Language of the Languedoc, dates back to the tenth century and was actually the first literary language of modern Europe, the preferred tongue of King Richard the Lionheart, and the language of the Troubadours.

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Viaduc de Millau – The World’s Tallest Bridge

With all of the rich history and stunning old style architecture that France has to offer, you may find it a bit of a surprise to know that one of their most magnificent architectural masterpieces is the sleek and modern Viaduc de Millau Bridge. A contrast to all of the historic old towns and the beautiful landscape, this modern marvel has the privilege of being the worlds tallest bridge.

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