Theme Cruises

Theme cruises are a wonderful way to experience barge cruising and incorporate your favorite pastime. Most theme cruises are for small charter groups. We do have specific theme cruises for cabin bookings throughout the year.

Adventure_CruiseAdventure Cruise- The Adventure Cruise combines your desire for physical activity with the leisure of cruising the tranquil waterways of France.  Enjoy hot air ballooning, horse-back riding, climbing, canoeing, white water rafting, golfing, bicycling, or walking.  You can choose a different activity each day or just pick one to enjoy for the week.  Whatever your interest, the adventure cruise caters to you and never forgets you're on vacation.  | Luciole |

Antique_CruiseAntique Cruise- What a perfect and unique opportunity for antique lovers!  This cruise combines the never-ending search for fabulous antiques with the opportunity to explore the country where these treasures originated.  As you're transported back in time, you will not only have the opportunity to peruse many fabulous antiques (paintings, prints, silver, books, china, furniture, etc.), but also experience the many quaint local villages.  After a great day of antiquing, come "home" to great food and fine wine as you relax and enjoy some of the most beautiful English landscapes.  Come experience the ultimate in the world of antiques!  | Magna Carta | Meanderer | Roi Soleil |

Cooking_and_Culinary_CruiseCooking & Culinary Cruises- Learn new recipes in the heart of Burgundy, a beautiful region renowned for its gourmet cuisine and fine wines.  This cooking cruise includes daily demonstrations by your host on board as well as experienced local chefs.  They will show you how to prepare and cook various French delicacies, from aperitifs to desserts.  Most cooking lessons will be during cruising, leaving enough time to explore the charming countryside.  Enjoy fine dining and behind the scene visits to wine cellars, chocolatiers, and local patisseries, which reveal the true essence of Burgundy life and cuisine.  Or, if you'd prefer to embrace your inner connoisseur rather than cook, enjoy a culinary cruise and sample the finest flavors of the region!  Alouette | Apres Tout | Le Phenicien | Roi Soleil | Shannon Princess |

Cycle_CruiseCycling Cruise-The waterways of Europe offer panoramic scenery that is made up of rolling hills, quaint villages, and mountains that reach into the sky. All of these elements are breathtaking and can be enjoyed from the deck of your luxury barge. They can also be enjoyed by bicycle either as a casual ride along the canals or as a more serious adventure ascending and descending the mountain trails and roads along the lock systems. With a little pre-planning day trips can be arranged and/or guided by any of the knowledgeable crew members. This means that while the barge is moored or cruising, you can be visiting nearby inland towns, chateaux, and markets. One of the best benefits for enjoying a barge based bicycle adventure is that your hotel room follows you. This means that you don't have to pack up each morning because you return to your same room each evening. Plus you get to experience the beautiful inland waterways and adventures that otherwise might only be seen from the distance. | Apres Tout | L'Art de Vivre | Le Phenicien | Meanderer | Nymphea | Papillon | Scottish Highlander |

fam_cruise_1Family Cruise- Looking for a relaxing, stress-free holiday for the family?  Hotel barging offers a unique and enjoyable holiday for you and your family as you cruise through the ever-changing European countryside.  Once onboard and unpacked, you will be able to explore the many different destinations that hotel barging offers.  Your hotel barge quickly becomes "home away from home" with an added benefit-- all your meals and activities are arranged by the friendly crew onboard.  Daily excursions are catered to fit your family's interests, from specific children's activities to the many historical excursions Europe has to offer.  This vacation has something for everyone!  Though they do not have specific dates scheduled, on a charter basis most of our hotel barges will tailor an itinerary to your family's interests.  Please inquire for more details.  | Anjodi | Amaryllis | Apres Tout | Athos | Clair de Lune | Enchante | Fleur de Lys | La Belle Epoque | L'Art de Vivre | L'Impressionniste | Magna Carta | Meanderer| Nymphea | Panache | Renaissance | Roi Soleil | Savoir Vivre |Scottish Highlander | Shannon Princess |

Garden_Cruise_1Garden Cruise- This cruise captures the heart of England's most astonishing gardens, with private tours of historical estates and world-famous flower shows.  Marvel at the amazing masterpieces arranged by the many talented gardeners as they use the countryside as their canvas.  Utilizing the colors of the many flowers and plants, they make gardening a true art!  After a marvelous day of exploring the gardens, the next best thing to do is come "home" to your comfortable hotel barge for a great meal, as you cruise along the beautiful English waterways.  Enjoy the company of your fellow gardeners as you discuss your own creative masterpieces.  The garden cruise is truly a garden lover's delight!      | La Nouvelle Etoile | Savoir Faire | Magna Carta- Chelsea | Magna Carta- Hampton Court |

Golf_CruiseGolf Cruise- What more could any avid golfer want than the opportunity to play some of the top golf courses in the world without the hassle of contacting each and every one?  These golf cruises will not only handle all your golfing logistics, but will provide you with a relaxing and pleasant way to get from course to course.  As you cruise along the many different waterways, you have the opportunity to appreciate some of Europe's most beautiful countryside as you contemplate your upcoming golf game.  For those guests who are not avid golfers or who just want a "day off," relax onboard or go ashore to take advantage of the many exciting excursions.| Amaryllis | Anjodi | Athos | Enchante | Fleur de Lys | Hirondelle | La Bella Vita | Le Phenicien | L'Impressionniste| Magna Carta | Meanderer | Panache | Renaissance | Scottish Highlander | Shannon Princess |

Multi_Country_CruiseMulti-Country Cruise- Begin this three country cruise in Holland where you'll enjoy exploring the town of Gouda (famous for its cheese), the glorious Keukenhof gardens known for the largest display of flowers in the world, and the many sites for which Holland is known (windmills, tulips, dykes and their man-made estuaries).  Leaving Holland, you then cross the border into Belgium, where you can wander its many quaint little towns.  Meander through the charming town of Bruges (known as the "Venice of the North") and the ancient town of Antwerp, enjoy a picnic lunch packed by your chef, and tour the many historical museums.  Cruise through the many locks and several tunnels of the Canal du Nord, your entrance into France, where you'll have the opportunity to visit the old village of Auvers-sur-l'Oise (where Vincent Van Gogh spent the last part of his life), as well as explore the home and gardens of the great Claude Monet, the home of Napoleon, and the romantic "City of Lights."  | La Nouvelle Etoile- Classic | La Nouvelle Etiole- Extended | Savoir Faire- Classic | Savoir Faire- Extended |

Regatta_CruiseRegatta Cruise- Enjoy the historic traditions of a Regatta Cruise through the remarkable Italian countryside. The Regatta has long been a method by which the Italian people celebrated their military victories. The Vogalonga is a competition of rowing. The racecourse winds through the canals and lagoons of Venice as rowers race along the 30 kilometer raceway. This competition takes place each May. For fall events that include both a parade and a rowing race, Italy offers the Regatta Storica or the Regatta Riviera Fiorita. These events are perfect for rowing enthusiasts while the surrounding countryside is welcoming to the entire family. Aboard ship relax amid the luxury and comfort of your vessel. Enjoy the five star cuisine and excellent service that is provided by the very knowledgeable staff. On land, take in the local culture and charm of the Italian people via walking tours, shopping excursions, art, and fine dining experiences that imbue the spirit of Italy on all of your senses. Take advantage of the expert guides and allow them to guide you though the historical past that include buildings, art, religion, military conquest, and nobility.  | La Bella Vita- Vogalonga Regatta Italy Cruise |

Tennis_CruiseTennis Cruise- Enjoy the historic ambiance that the waterways of Europe offer as you cruise through historic towns, beautiful scenery and the majestic castles and chateaux that make up the vista aboard a luxury barge. Enjoy the game of tennis as a spectator and as a player amid the beauty and splendor of the many riverside clubs that are found all along your cruise. Tennis enthusiasts might wish to book a cruise for the entire week of Wimbledon, the French Open, or both. Barge includes knowledgeable guides that help you plan your day or lead you on excursions through the rolling hillsides, quaint villages, and open air markets. On board master chefs please your palette with five star meals and award winning wine. There are many walking excursions that can be enjoyed or feel free to rest on deck and take in the views.  | Athos | L'Art de Vivre | Magna Carta |

Walking_Cruise_640x480_272x204_272x204_272x204Walking Cruise- Step back in history as you stroll through friendly villages, majestic chateaux, and the beautiful ever-changing landscapes of rural Europe.  Let your knowledgeable escorts, who have carefully mapped out the routes, guide you on low-mileage jaunts or more vigorous walks.  After your daily walking excursions, return to your charming "home away from home" to reminisce about your adventures.  Relax and enjoy the comforts of your hotel barge as the talented chef prepares your next scrumptious meal. Group members who prefer not to join the walking group are free to simply relax onboard and take in the beautiful scenery or plan an adventure of their own.  | L'Art de Vivre | La Belle Epoque | Magna Carta | Shannon Princess |

Wine_CruiseWine Cruise- What a wonderful way to experience France!  Connoisseur to novice, those who enjoy fine wines will definitely appreciate this specialty cruise.  As you tour the many vineyards from the small family farms to the larger chateaux, savor the many varieties of wines France has to offer.  Guest speakers at some of the vineyards will increase your knowledge, understanding, and enjoyment of all wines.  In addition, enjoy the beautiful countryside as you cruise through the many amazing waterways of France.  Most of the hotel barges that offer this cruise incorporate the many wines of the region into their menu planning for the ultimate dining experience!  Come experience the legacy of France with this special cruise.  | Amaryllis- Grand Crus | Anjodi | Apres Tout | Athos | L'Art de Vivre | La Belle Epoque |Le Phenicien | L'Impressionniste | Meanderer | Napoleon | Savoir Vivre |


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