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Self Drive Barges are classified according to how many people they can comfortably sleep. If a self-drive barge is listed as 6+2 it means that it sleeps six passengers comfortably  in cabins, with the option to sleep two further on a convertible bed (pull out couch) in the salon area. Many people including myself always choose a larger vessel, in order to have a spare cabin for luggage and to store belongings. This allows for more room on the vessel and happier ship mates.


Self Drive Accommodations:
You can charter a self-drive vessel for as few as two and as many as twelve. If you have more then this, you might want to do a tandem cruise (see below).






Tandem Cruises:
If you have a party of ten or twelve you might want to consider a tandem cruise. It’s a fun way to cruise with a larger party and everyone is comfortable. You can charter two or more boats cruising the same route and dates. You moor together, explore together, but have more space overall. Also there is always a discount when you book more then one boat at a time. It’s a win..win!




Children are welcome on all self-drive barges. It is one of the most popular cruising vacations for families. You can moor wherever you like, explore your surroundings at your leisure, bike into town and the kids get to help with the locks. You can also make it as active or relaxing as you want. You are at the helm.








You can have your pet come travel with you, there is just a small pet fee. Let us know and we will make sure you are all set. We want to make sure the whole family is happy...fido and all!